What are we doing?

Nutrition supplements

  • BIFS has developed its own range of products and nutrition supplements to improve your pigeon's fertilisation, overall health, and performance.
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Parentage check-up

  • You can consult BIFS to do a DNA parentage check-up of your pigeons. We provide you with a certificate of authenticity.
Fertilisation control

  • Fertilisation control for hens using endoscopy or hormone determination.
  • Fertilisation control for cocks by means of dexterity, concentration and morphological deviations in their sperm.
Artificial insemination

  • BIFS is recognized worldwide in breeding top pigeons by means of artificial fertilization or artificial insemination.
Freezing semen

  • Through extensive tests and detailed research, we at BIFS have succeeded in developing a method that makes it possible to freeze sperm for a long time while preserving the quality of the cells.

  • Sale of young top pigeons, born out of artificial fertilization, where the parents are proven breeding pigeons with a well-filled record list.

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